TTP Hard Drill Bits: an easier way to drill harder steels

Easily drilling hardened steel like HARDOX with TTP Hard Drills -

video showing how ttp cobalt steel drill bits easily drill through all different types of harden steel and harder alloys

TTP cobalt HARD DRILLS are designed to drill through the toughest and hardest abrasive materials they are ideal to use for drilling chromed steel, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, spot welds and leaf springs.

TTP Hard Drills - Drilling Hardox

Hardox: Hrd / Strong / Tough: How easily can it be drilled with a hand power drill and a TTP Hard Drill Bit ?

Hardox is known throughout the world for its qualities and is used in digger buckets, tipper bodies and crushing mills where wear is an issue - ITS TOUGH ! Where HSS bits FAIL TTP Hard Drill bits DRILL.
TTP Hard Drill bits drill stainless steel, chrome, hardened steel and harder alloys>

" Where HSS bits FAIL - TTP Hard Drill bits - DRILL"


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