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TTP Hard Drills - Metric Size Cobalt Drill Bits & Sets

TTP HARD DRILL BITS have been designed for easier and more effective drilling of Metals including the Harder Alloys. TTP Hard Drills are manufactured from tungsten and molybdenum for increased hardness and cobalt added to ensure superior heat resistance. These drill bits are Guaranteed to perform in the most demanding of workshop applications .

We sell and deliver TTP imperial and metric sized Cobalt Hard Drills to the UK and the USA - for you assurance we use Paypal for transactions on this site. Delivery to the USA is approximately 5 working days and all deliveries must be signed for.

1mm - 6.8mm Sold in packs of 10

7mm - 13mm Sold in Singles

19pc - 25pc Mertric Cobalt Drill Sets

Drill Coolant

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Product Information

  • Drills Bits
  • Drill Sets
  • Cutting / Cooling Paste

(SOLD IN Drill Bit PACKS OF 10 )1mm - 6.5mm Metric Drill bits Bit Sizes. (1mm - 1.5mm - 2.0mm - 2.5mm - 3.0mm - 3.3mm - 3.5mm - 4.0mm - 4.2mm - 5.0mm - 5.3mm - 5.5mm - 6.0mm - 6.5mm)

(SOLD in SINGLES ) 6.8mm - 7mm - 8mm - 9.0mm -10mm - 10.2mm - 10.5mm - 11mm - 11.5mm - 12mm -12.5mm - 13mm)

19 Pce Drill Bit Set 1-10mm going up in .5mm (19pc drill bit set)

25pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set (1-13*0.5mm 25 piecedrill bit set). 1-13 going up in .5mm (25 bits) )

3 - TTP CUT-IT cutting paste - High quality lubricant for drilling and cutting. Developed by Tough Technology Products CUT-IT is a high quality metal and drilling cooling lubricant in paste form, suitable for reaming, tapping drilling and metal forming. CUT-IT provides outstanding separation and cooling effect when drilling, increases the life of tools and is suitable for all metals.


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