Cobalt drill bits - HARD-DRILLS

Designed and developed from feedback from engineers in workshops TTP cobalt steel Hard Drills - drilling easily harder steels and metals where a normal HSS drill bit can not come close. Designed to drill through the toughest and hardest of abrasive materials they are ideal to use for drilling into stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, spot welds, leaf springs even Hardox - Our cobalt drill bits are available in the USA and are sold as singles, packs of 10, or in cobalt drill bit sets in Imperial or Metric sizes. More on our cobalt drill bits & sets

Our Cobalt Drill Bits

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TTPTTP cobalt HARD DRILLS are designed to drill through the toughest and hardest of abrasive materials, they are ideal to use for drilling into stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, spot welds and leaf springs. Cobalt makes the drill bit incredibly hard with a abrasive quality. TTP HARD DRILLS have excellent heat resistant characteristics.

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Tested and proven to be choice of commercial and individual users throughout the world. TTP Hard Drills are the drill bits of choice. We are UK based but we have distributers in the USA, Europe - Norway, Poland and Czech Republic

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  • " I used one of these bad boys , and I must say it went through the steel lintel like it was wood. To really understand how hard and annoying lintels can be is a whole science in itself. I love these cobalt drill bits and now carry them with me everywhere, awesome kit. "

    Mr Marlon Wallace, Marlon Blinds Ltd
  • They are far superior to the average drill bits that can be purchased at the local hardware store. They have put much time and Research into there product and it shows in pure performance. These drill bits are in my service truck and will be for a long time.

    Wayne , Tri County Locksmiths USA
  • "They are fabulous. I still haven’t had the time to use them for their actual intended purpose – drilling out exhaust manifold studs, but I did try them out on a couple bolts to see how they did and was very impressed! Told a bunch of my friends about them. Hoping to get a joint order together. I want some more sizes or one of the sets!"

    R Scott Martin , Pres - P. C. Supplies, Inc. USA
  • I ordered a selection of sizes to try them out. What a difference! A firm pressure and some jiggling with the drill speed soon resulted in the drilling of all the holes with one drill and with the same curl of swarf seen on the video. TTP might sell tough products but I found them anything but tough to deal with, communications were excellent and the drills arrived on time and well packaged I would deal with them again without hesitation and can highly recommend their products and service. Thanks TTP..

    Arnie, Biffa
  • TTP Hard Bits Cobalt Drill bits manufactured from Tungsten and Molybdenum for increased Hardness and with Cobalt added to ensure superior heat resistance these drill bits in both metric and imperial sizes are Guaranteed to perform in the most demanding of Applications.
    They are amazing. Didn't believe the hype, but it appears to be true. I am a locksmith and drill hard plate on safes. They really tore into it. You don't make them in any longer lengths do you ? 6"-8"
    TTP Hard Drills - Imperial Sized Cobalt Drill Sets 29 Pcs
    Date published: 10/13/2015
    5 / 5 stars
  • They really are mint, they really are - arnold plant

    Jim, Arnold Plant